Boost Mobile Promo Code and Coupon

New Boost Mobile Promo CodeWhile cell phones are becoming increasingly more essential to everyone’s day-to-day life, some service plans may be a bit more expensive than cell phone users are willing to pay each month. Fortunately, Boost Mobile offers cell phone users a great unlimited service plan with Shrinkage without contract. In addition to that, Boost Mobile offers coupon codes so they can get their service plan or mobile phone purchase at an even greater deal.

How to Find Coupon Codes:
Doing a Google search for “Boost Mobile Coupon Codes” or “Promotional Codes for Boost Mobile” will bring up a list of relevant results where consumers can find any applicable coupon codes that they could apply to their online order from Boost mobile when ordering service or a new phone.

Before you go to use the coupon code, you should make sure that you meet any required conditions in order to use it; Meeting a minimum order amount, ordering a specific device, being a new or existing customer, and so forth. Some codes may be allowed only to be used by new customers sighing up for new service or only allowed to be used by existing customers, some codes may not work for both type of customers. You should also check to see if the code hasn’t expired, otherwise it won’t be valid.

How to Use Coupon Codes:
If the coupon is automatic; clicking the link will redirect you to Boost Mobile’s site where you can complete your checkout with the special offer being automatically applied to your order so long you meet the code requirements. If the code is manual; You’ll have to copy and paste the code into the applicable section during checkout when prompted to do so. You should then see the offer applied immediately to your order when it’s updated.

About Boost Mobile:
Boost Mobile provides cell phone service to mobile device users for $50 a month for unlimited calls, text, and data, all without having to sign a contract. In addition to their already low service cost, customers have the potential to get their monthly bill lowered even further through Boost’s shrinkage plan; Which lowers a customer’s bill every 6 months by $5 if they never miss a due date until their monthly phone bill reaches $35, so the longer customers stay with Boost the less they pay. Customers also get unlimited email and 411 calls included in their plan. In addition to their cell service plans, Boost mobile also offers a variety of wireless cell phones to customers. Both their service plans and cell phones comes with a no-contract purchase.

Through Boost Mobile, customers get nationwide service that’s provided by the Sprint Nationwide Network which reaches over 281 million people across the United States. There’s no activation or long-distance fees. Boost’s service includes 3G, 4G and 4G LTE coverage; The type of coverage each client of Boost’s gets depends on their location. Boost Mobile also provides voice coverage. Boost also offers customers a referral customer which gives any customer $25 for each friend that they refer to Boost, while being able to earn up to $500 a year in referral rewards. Boost will also gives customers credit when they recycle an eligible phone.

Boost offers cell handsets from Motorola, Samsung, LG, RIM (Research In Motion), ZTE, and Kyocera, which all runs on the Android operating system. These smartphone providers have their devices readily available to cell phone consumers to almost 20,000 major retail locations which include, but not limited to; Walmart, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Target, HSN (the Home Shopping Network, a TV shopping service), Family Dollar, Walgreens, Sprint, and various independent wireless dealers. Handsets are also available for order on Boost Mobile’s website. The company’s Re-Boost cards can be found at about 100,000 locations in the U.S. Besides their official site, Boost can also be found on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.

Straight Talk Promo Code and Coupon

Straight Talk promo codeEntering promo codes on the Straight Talk website for a reduction in plan cost or even phone cost is fairly simple. Once at the website the zip code for where the phone will be used will need to be entered to access the rest of the website. If there is an existing account the user would just click login on the home screen of the website. If a user does not have an existing account the next screen that will display are the phones for sale. At the top of that same page are different tabs that will take the user to another page displaying what it is they are looking for. Once the item is located that the user would like to purchase they simply click on it and then it is added to the cart. The very next screen will display the items within the cart. Below the cart items is where the promo code for the discount will be entered. Once that is done just click submit and watch the deduction for the promo code come off of the total amount.

Straight Talk Plans
Straight talk phone service is a pre-paid cell phone service that allows users to purchase air time to keep their service running. All of the plans sold through this company are not under any contract. If the user decides not to continue with the service after the 30 day period all they do is not buy new air time from the company and the service is disconnected. The best plan that they do offer is the $45 unlimited per month plan, or if paid in 3, 6, or 1 year bundles it is even cheaper. This unlimited access allows phone users to as many talk, text, and even picture messages as they want. The mobile web access is also unlimited with this plan. For those who do not use the phone as often Straight Talk does offer a $30 plan which allows for 1,000 nationwide minutes for talk and another 1,000 text or picture messages for the month. The $30 plan also gives the purchaser 30 MB of mobile web access. For individuals who need to make international calls Straight Talk has them covered with an unlimited plan for $60 a month. These purchasers will receive the same unlimited talk, text, picture messaging, and mobile web access as the other unlimited plans do.

Switching to Straight Talk

Phones that have sim cards installed in them will be able to use the Straight Talk service by simply purchasing a sim card from them. These cards are generally located in the back of the phone by the battery and slide right out for easy replacement. The I-phone sim card is located at the top of the phone and the push pin will be used to press in the little hole and out will pop the sim card. Once the new card is installed setting up the service is simple and can be done easily over the internet or by calling their customer service. This is a great service for those who were once under a contract through a larger carrier and would like to switch over to the no contract route. The plans through Straight Talk appear to be much cheaper at the unlimited level than any of the larger carriers so this is another reason why quite a few customers are choosing to switch carriers.

Straight Talk Service

With Straight Talk the service appears to either work or not. Roaming is not an option with this service so there will never be any charges for that. Straight Talk attempts to use all types of towers to pull service so there are not many places that will lose signal, but this also depends on the type of phone being used as well. CDMA phones appear to be a bit more limited than sim card phones are as they have specific towers that they use.

Carbonite Offer Code

Carbonite offer codeHave you recently received a coupon or possibly an online only promo code for Carbonite but aren’t exactly sure how to enter it so that you receive the correct discount? The following guide is here to assist you with the process in an easy to follow fashion. All you need to do is select the Carbonite plan that works best for you and make sure you have a valid and current Carbonite offer code or promotional code for the website.

New Carbonite Offer Codes and Deals

1. Click for 10% OFF Carbonite! (No carbonite offer code needed)

2. Click for a FREE TRIAL of Carbonite! (No carbonite offer code needed)

3. Click for up to 10% OFF Carbonite Small Business! (No carbonite offer code needed)

4. Click for a FREE TRIAL your Small Business! No credit is required! (No carbonite offer code needed)

How to Enter a Carbonite offer code for

1. Once you have selected the best plan for you, click on the little shopping cart icon on the top right hand corner of the screen

2. This takes you to a screen where you can choose your plan; either business, personal, or server level.

3. The next screen allows you to create an account and prompts you to enter the necessary information such as name, email, and password creation.

4. This will now place you on a screen showing you the order subtotal. Near the bottom left is a screen that says enter Carbonite offer code, enter the code exactly as it appears on your Carbonite offer code and click on the ‘apply’ button. The updated subtotal with your applied discount should appear.

5. Finish placing your order by entering all necessary billing and shipping information on the proceeding screens.

This should give you your discounted Carbonite Cloud storage plan. If you run into any technical problems with the website, or if for some reason you receive an ‘invalid coupon code’ error be sure to contact’s support staff. There is a link on the top of their main web page.

More on

Carbonite is a company that offers cloud based computer system back up. This means that instead of relying solely on your local back up–such as flash memory or external hard drives–which can be stolen, irreparably damaged, or lost, you also back up important files and data to Carbonite’s Servers on the internet. First of all, this gives users added security since Carbonite uses a unique double encryption system and guarantees their servers against natural or man-made disaster. Also it gives the added convenience of remote access, meaning that you can now get to your data anywhere you have access to the internet

Carbonite’s cloud storage service comes in three plan types personal, pro, and server.
Personal is recommended for individual computers and the back up of personal documents and multimedia files such as photos and music.
Pro is suited for the small business that is looking to back up potentially sensitive financial or health files. It is fully HIPAA compliant and offers valet installation.
Server is recommended for companies that need to back up high volume databases and active applications.

Each of the packages has three pricing tiers respectively. The higher priced options get you more storage and added features such as external hard drive back up and mirror image restore. A mirror is a backup of a fully functioning image of your system, allowing you to almost instantly restore your system in the event of a full hard drive crash. Another offering from the company is the Carbonite Appliance. This is a physical back up device that completely backs up your entire computer system to a durable, fully secure casing that is also connected to the cloud. The appliance gives individuals and businesses one more added layer of security, and lets them get up and running even quicker in the even of a full system crash. Carbonite offer codes have  a free trial and also gives free customer support with all their plans. Make sure you find a Verizon FIOS coupon code that works.

Verizon FIOS Promotion Code and FIOS promo codes

New Verizon FIOS promotion codeVerizon is a telecommunications company that offers a service they call Verizon FiOS. This service includes local and long distance telephone service, cellular phones, high speed internet, broadband, video and audio chats, detailed video games with multiplayer versions online.

Verizon FiOS offer a variety of promotions and coupons. When looking for a good deal from this company, it is a good idea to look for codes for their broadband service because they often offer really great deals.

You can find coupons and Verizon FIOS promotional codes in magazines, newspapers and online. You have the option of redeeming these coupons at a local Verizon store or online depending on the offer. If you find a coupon online, you usually need to print it and bring it to the store. Sometimes they have a coupon that you can redeem via a digital device that you can show it to the clerk for scanning. Here are some helpful hints for redeeming these coupons:

  • Check the expiration date first
  • Clip your coupon from the magazine or newspaper
  • Print the coupon If it is online
  • When you choose the service or product you want, give the coupon to the store clerk and they will make the proper discount to your purchase

Verizon also offers many deals online through Verizon FIOS promotional codes. If that is the case, follow the instructions the merchant gives for using the code. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you find the product or service you want:

  • Go to the site’s shopping cart
  • There is usually a box that says “enter coupon or promotional code here”
  • Enter your code and make sure it is accurate. For example, if the code is printed as “cOdE,” type it exactly as is
  • To ensure the accuracy you may want to copy and paste it into the appropriate box
  • Before you complete your checkout, double check that the code is accurate and has not expired so you are able to get the deal you want

Other types of money savers that Verizon FiOS offer are rebates. A rebate is an opportunity to receive some of your money back from the purchase price on a product or service. Verizon occasionally offers these rebates. You may want to check to see if this option is available. If so, read the instructions carefully and usually you are asked to mail the information requested.

Overview of Merchant
Verizon was established in the early 2000’s and came about from a merger between two well known and established phone companies, GTE and Bell Atlantic. Verizon quickly became one of the largest phone companies in the United States. Throughout the years they have added more services to include wireless, mobile phones and other telecommunication devices. They are now one of three of the largest telecommunication companies in the United States.

The launch of Verizon FiOS around 2005, has grown quickly and become very popular. FiOS means fiber optic service. This service uses fiber optic cables rather than the standard copper cables. The fiber optic cable is a very thin- like glass and extremely fragile. These cables are usually placed underground for protection. The data from these cables run via pulses of light which makes it the fastest mode of transmission available. This service is primarily used for internet services but can also be used with voice and digital cable like ATT Uverse coupon codes. Make sure you backup everything with a service like Carbonite, and a Carbonite offer code with these Carbonite coupons of course.

ATT Uverse Coupon Code

ATT Uverse Coupon CodesNew AT&T U-Verse Coupon Codes

ATT Uverse is a subsidiary of the AT&T phone company. With Uverse you get the opportunity to save on bundles. Their bundles include savings on your phone lines and internet, not to mention your cable. With their bundling packages you also get the chance to stream live videos from your phone or television set. You also can see who is trying to call you on the phone, by looking at your television screen. Most plans even include caller id, all of which you can view from your television screen. You can get phone and internet plans starting as low as $79 a month. They go up to as much as $151 a month, depending the type of services you require.

Sometimes bundling the services is the better way to go. With ATT Uverse you have the chance and you save money in the long run. All of these plans are subject to both residential plans and home businesses. Terms and conditions do apply and you also need to check the availability for some plans.

So where can you get these coupons to help you save money no your order? Like most coupons, they are everywhere. I would first check the local newspapers. This may seem like an ill-fated mission, but sometimes you do luck out. So check the newspapers, and look specifically in the advertisement section.

If you don’t find any coupons there, than look online. You can find almost everything online these days anyway. So log onto your personal computer and hit the Google section. You can also try using Bing or Yahoo. But first try Google to locate your coupons. Just type in the keywords “ATT Uverse coupons.” Once you do this you will be directed to some pages to browse through. You might even come up with ten pages or more. But either way, you are on your way.

Look through the pages and see which coupons you can apply to your order or future orders. The coupons will either include a percent off or a dollar off. Both can be used, but pay close attention to the promotional deals going on at the time. You might not be able to use both at the same time. So pay attention. Once you find the coupons and promo codes you wan to use, file them away and save them, especially those you want to use for a future date.

As soon as you have the coupons filed away and save, go back to your order page on the site. Click on the checkout link and you will be directed to an information and payment section. As you put in your information, they will ask you for your promo codes and coupons that are applicable. Apply the codes in the given spaces. Your best bet is to copy and paste the codes from your saved files into the checkout links. Same goes for the coupons that you use.

Copy and paste the coupons that you want to use to the same page. Put them in the given space. Your percent off or dollar off should be represented in there, once you do this. Once you have this done, your order should be good to go.


1) Check the dates. Make sure they haven’t expired. Some sites will put out expired ATT uverse coupon codes, either by accident or on purpose. Look at when you can use them and where. Some coupons can only be used online, not in the stores. Knowing the difference will avoid any confusion. You should also check out Verizon FIOS promotions to see if there anything compelling in terms of savings.

2) Don’t assume that you can use the dollar off and percent off together. Check the current sales promotions. Some promotions will let you, others won’t. Check to make sure the dollar off coupon works with the same promotion as the percent off, if they can both be used. We have excellent Carbonite coupons too!